28th May 2013 - Vinylux - Polish that defies time!

Vinylux Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat are a system that is uniquely designed to work together.  Patent pending Pro-Light technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time.

Finally a polish that ensures that your nails will not let you down.



Delivering week long wear of fresh, flawless colour without chipping.  Better performance than leading polish.


Top Coat - non yellowing and actually toughens over time with exposure to natural light creating time-released durability.


The self-adhering colour coat means faster drying time


A full range of 62 runway inspired shades to accessorise every outfit and enhance any mood, including 31 CND Shellac matched shades for touch-ups and toes.

Vinylux can be purchased from Jo's Nail and Beauty Room and can either be collected or delivered if required - please message me if you would like to purchase - the full colour range can be found at the following link - if I do not have a particlar colour in stock I can order it in for you.

Vinylux Weekly Polish - £9.95

Vinylux Top Coast - £9.95

*******Introductory offer - purchase 1 Vinylux colour and 1 top coat for £15.95*******


8th February 2011 - Shellac - From CND

I have now introduced Shellac into my treatments, just to give you an idea of what this is all about - here is the official release from CND......

CND (Creative Nail Design), the leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty, is proud to introduce the first hybrid nail colour after nearly five years of development in its state-of-the-art laboratory. Now you can say goodbye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac(tm) Hybrid Nail Colour! Now you can say goodbye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac(tm) Hybrid Nail Colour! This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high-gloss shine, and is removed in minutes.

Shellac paints on like polish - base coat, colour, top coat - and is cured in a UV light so there is zero dry time. The colours are hypoallergenic, and "3-Free" - no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. Shellac will launch in a range of 12 varieties of shades, from pretty French pinks and whites, to siren red and rich darks. The formula is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping, even during the most rigorous activities.

As amazing as Shellac is on, removal is just as satisfying! No soaking, drilling or filing is necessary. Nails are wrapped in individual Shellac Remover Wraps -integrated cotton pads that limit finger and skin exposure to acetone by keeping it pinpointed on just the nail. Ten minutes of time in exchange for two weeks of perfect colour is all it takes. Say good-bye to manicure frustration and hello to pure manicure satisfaction.

Shellac is a professional salon service launched globally in May 2010.

12 brand new colours being launched on March 1st 2011 - making a total of 24 gorgeous colours not to mention the numerous layering options

Why not book a Shellac party for you and your friends and find out what all the fuss it about for yourselves!! - see my party party page for full details.

8th April 2010 - Minx Nails

Minx Nail Armour is now available - a great way to get an individual look - simply stunning on toes - see their website to find out and see for yourself how great these can look.

The launch of Minx nail fashion is a new and glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips. Minx nails have become the latest must have fashion accessory for the celebs, being worn by names such as Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguillara, Rihanna and Beyonce to name but a few.

What exactly are they?

Minx is a solid film with an adhesive backing that is heat activated. The heat gives Minx the conformability to fit over the compound curve of a nail, and seals the film onto the bed. The patent-pending, proprietary material that Minx is made of can easily be removed with heat.

How much are they?

Toes - £25.00


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