Sukar Sugaring

Sugaring is an Ancient Arabic art of hair removal using a pliable paste made from pure sugar and natural ingredients. Sugaring is one of the least painful ways of removing unwanted face and body hair. The sugar paste sticks to the hair and not the skin and the hairs are pulled cleanly from the roots without bruising the surrounding area. Gentle removal slows down the hair growth and and re-growth is finer, more sparse and lighter in colour.

Over a period of time, regular treatment results in a gradual diminishment of hair. Sukar is particularly suitable for sensitive skin types. Dry and dead skin cells are removed by the process, leaving the skin healthy, soft and smooth.

The hair does not have to be long to be removed, short hair can be successfully treated. Sukar sugar paste is 100% water soluble, is easily removed from any surface and is therefore less messy than other methods currently in use today.

Preparation Tips!

  • Please do not put any creams or oils on the skin 24 hours prior to treatment.
Half Leg £14.00
Full Leg £22.00
3/4 Leg £17.00
Eyebrows £6.00
Lip £6.00
Underarms £7.00
Bikini £7.00
Back from £14.00